St Roses Senior High School

Students' Life

Join our quality class of students club and societies to help improve your social life. You can choose to belong to the various clubs and societies once you join us.

Educative Programs

We engage our students in several educative programs both nationwide and international students representating at NMSQ

Code of Discipline

Dedicated to produce quality class of students, our students are governed by code of disciplinary standards. We make sure our students graduate with high moral standards

Student's Leadership

Aside management, we train our students to take up responsibilities in their societies. Student leadership open to all students willing to serve and improve their leadership skills

We stand for truth & Responsibility

Welcome to St. Rose's SHS

To God be the glory Great things He has done. This is our song of thanksgiving to God for bringing us this far. I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate you all all for your success in the Basic Education Certificate Examination and for that matter, your admission into St. Rose’s Senior High School.

Our hearts are filled with joy to have you in our midst and St. Rose’s family welcomes you with open arms and want you to feel at home.

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Our Events


Speach and Price Giving Day

Cultural and Historic Day

Founder's Day Celebration

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