St Roses Senior High School

Code of Discipline

Official Names

Students would be known and called by the names given to them on their admission form. A change of name would only be permitted, during their stay in the school, by written application and an affidavit.


All fisrt year students will undergo a one-week orientation course to get themselves settled for effective teaching and learning.


All examinations conducted by the school are compulsory. Terminal reports can also be printed online by parents.

Code of Discipline

    • Students must conform to the rules and regulations laid down by the school.
    • Regular attendance of classes is imperative.
    • A student will be dismissed from school for the following reasons:
      1. Gross misbehavior towards teacher and school authorities.
      2. Habitual insubordination
      3. Poor performance after repeating a form
      4. Abortion
      5. Causing serious disturbance
      6. Other serious misconduct not listed here


  • A student will be expelled from the boarding house for the following reasons:
    1. Rude behavior and insubordination towards House mistress / Senior and House Prefects
    2. Stealing
    3. Refusing to be present at meals in the Dining Hall
    4. Continuous wetting of bed
    5. Leaving the compound without permission
    6. Fighting and quarreling
    7. Possession of mobile phones in the school is prohibited
    8. Any behavior that has a negative effect on the community or causes scandal to the outside
    9. Instigating other students for rioting.
  • A student expels herself from the school by:
    1. Not attending classes without permission
    2. Pregnancy
    3. Persistent stealing
    4. Assaulting teachers or students
    5. Any other very grievous offences
  • A student at all times should show good manners and a mature attitude towards learning and formation of character.