St Roses Senior High School


Successful students who have gained admission into St. Rose's Senior High School are required to acquire the following items:


  1. Blanket (1)
  2. White Bed Sheets (2)
  3. Pillow Cases (2)
  4. Pillow (1)
  5. Opaque Night Gown (2)
  6. Sleeping Cloths (2)
  7. Opaque House Coat or Dressing Gown
  8. Set of underwear, Sanitary Pad
  9. Bathroom slippers
  10. Rain Coat 


  1. Handkerchiefs (white)
  2. Cup (1) Set of Cutlery, plates (All marked with student’s name)
  3. Dishtowel
  4. A pair of scissors, needlework box
  5. Towels, comb, hair brush, small mirror, soap, Tooth brush, tooth paste, coat hangers
  6. Four (4) medium padlocks for wardrobe, desk and dining hall locker
  7. Mathematical set
  8. Scientific calculator (Casio fx-991ES Plus)
  9. Treated mosquito net and rope for drying things
  10. First-Aid box (with some plaster and bandage)


  1. “Ghana Must Go” (3)
    Trunk, Suit Case, Chop Box are NOT ALLOWED
    because each student will be assigned to her own wardrobe
  2. Plastic Bucket with lid (2)
  3. Flash light (Battery (2)
  4. Black School Bag
  5. White Canvas Shoes (PE)
  6. Note Books
  7. Exercise Books
  8. Leather Cover for mattress and pillow (Mackintosh)
  9. Cutlass, hoe, scrubbing brush, broom and duster (2)

NB: Students are not allowed to possess any unprescribed attire