St Roses Senior High School

Rules & Regulations

  • All students are to attend morning assembly.
  • Staff members are also expected to be present.
  • Students must be in the classroom in good time, before the teacher enters.
  • Students stand up when teacher enters and greet him/her.
  • As a rule, students should not leave the classroom. During afternoon and evening studies and free periods, students must not move about on the compound.
  • On Sunday mornings after breakfast all students may study in their various classrooms.
  • Class tests and examinations are compulsory for all students.

All students must take active part in P.E. and games, dressed in prescribed P.E. shorts, jersey and P.E. shoes. Slippers are not allowed on the sports field.

The school offers a variety of clubs that meet on Sunday afternoons. Each student must be a member of a club and attend its meetings at all times. Students are encouraged to join one of the existing co-curricular activities like Legion of Mary, the school choir, the school band etc.

St. Rose’s is a school under Catholic administration. All students attend service in the Catholic Church on Sundays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

  • Students wear blue uniforms for classes and check/printed housedresses during the afternoons. Form 3 students wear white blouses and black skirts for classes and check/printed housedresses in the afternoon. The footwear is playdeck sandals.
  • On Sundays, the attire is traditional cloth (top and slit) and ahenema.
  • Painting of finger and foot nails and faces is strictly forbidden. Finger and toe nails are to be kept trimmed. Students may wear small earrings, but not bangles of necklaces.

Each student is supposed to have a social duty which must be done every morning after 6:00 am. On Saturdays, there is general cleaning between 7:35 am and 9:00 am during which windows, doors, walls etc. must be washed and the whole compound thoroughly cleaned. Selected final year students will supervise the work. Students who refuse to do their work or do it sloppily would be reported to the Housemistress, Senior Housemistress, Assistant Headmistress (Administration) and subsequently to the head. Neglect of social duty may result in ejection from the boarding house.

  • Sick students must report to the school nurse. Students who bring their own medicines should deposit these with the nurse and take them under her supervision. Students may go to one of the Akwatia Hospitals if there is a need for it. They will be given a hospital sheet. Students must report to the school authorities before sending urgent messages about their sicknesses or other troubles to their parents or guardians.

  • All meals are compulsory. Each student must eat every kind of food served on the table. Food must not be wasted.
  • Students must have their full set of cutlery. Eating with fingers is forbidden. Students are forbidden to eat at the dormitories.
  • Student who absent themselves from meals or refuse to eat certain kinds of food will become day students.
  • No food must be bought from outside. It is strictly forbidden for day students if any to bring food to the compound.

Damage to furniture or equipment must be reported immediately. Students may be asked to pay if the damage was negligence.

Visiting hours are strictly on the 2nd Saturday afternoon of every month from 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm. Visitors are not allowed to go inside the dormitories, classrooms or other buildings apart from the assembly hall.

The students are not to leave the school compound (the fenced area) without permission. They are not allowed to enter Teachers quarters, that includes teachers living on campus. Students who break school bounds automatically dismiss themselves.

Mobile phones/electrical/electronic devices are not allowed in the school. Anybody caught with any of these devices will be suspended indefinitely.

In line with the policy of the Ghana Education Service, the school does not permit any student to write the private WASSCE.

Students may be suspended from the boarding house or classes for the following reasons:

  1. Habitual late coming after holidays.
  2. Truancy.
  3. Refusal to comport herself in the dining hall, classroom and dormitory.
  4. Disrespect for prefects.
  5. Stealing.
  6. Any other offence that may arise and be brought before the Disciplinary Committee.

Students are dismissed from the school for the following reasons:

  1. Gross disrespect to
    1. School authorities and teachers.
    2. School prefects
    3. Repeated stealing
  2. Students are automatically dismissed for :
    1. Breaking bounds (running away from school)
    2. Pregnancy and any other serious misbehavior.

Tribalism and religious intolerance are out of the question. Good manners exclude spitting on the ground, quarrelling, fighting, using offensive language, hooting, screaming, etc. it is mandatory to dress clean, decent and whole, greet everybody, and be respectful and polite. Mutual help is encouraged but no student can be the servant of another.

Borrowing, stealing, using other people’s possessions without permission are serious offences and may attract some punishment.

  1. Teachers must always take keen interest in the academic and social development of the students, but they have to uphold a proper relationship between teacher and student; teachers must not try to fraternize with students.
  2. Intimate relationships between teachers and students will result in immediate dismissal of both and a report made to higher authorities.
  3. Teachers are not allowed to receive students, boarding or day, in their bungalows under any pretext.
  4. Teachers are not to teach organized paid extra classes while the school is in session, i.e. during class hours.
  5. When there is the need for extra tuition for students who were ill or absent or for other reasons, the teacher should do it with a group rather than a single student to avoid gossip and misinterpretation. The school authority must be informed about such extra tuition.
  6. Teachers are not allowed to use students for personal work like farming, cooking, washing, cleaning, baby sitting etc.
  7. Teachers must be careful not to become “guardians” of students, sending and receiving messages, goods, medicine, gift, etc. on behalf of students without the knowledge of the school authorities. These can cause precarious situations and the teacher will be held fully responsible for any consequences.
  8. Teachers are to report immediately any rude, disrespectful, indecent, abnormal or insane behavior of students to the authority

Lesbianism is strictly forbidden in the school. Students caught in the act will be suspended indefinitely and the matter referred to the Board of Governors.

Students of St. Rose’s are trained to become hardworking, responsible and well behaved citizens

Life and situations are continually changing. It is not possible to lay down rules for all cases that may turn up. A healthy society is based on mutual respect, concern for each other and common sense behavior. Students must strive for maturity and commitment to vocation and the staff and administration must help them to achieve that aim.